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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday: Live Eviction

Hey BB fans! Welcome to the last regular live show of the season! The next live show, will be the finale next week on the 25th. This 100 Day Season is almost over! Tonights episode will show the live veto ceremony, where veto winner Jackson will pick who he wants to evict: Cliff or Holly. Jackson has said multiple times that Cliff is going home but then Cliff made a last minute pitch to Jackson, saying that Jackon won't get his or Nicole's vote if he's sent to jury and he'll do everything he can to get the rest of the jury house to not vote for Jackson. This has left Jackson in a state of panic, as he has said he came to the BB house to win, not place 2nd.

It's now time for tonight's show, so grab your snackies and enjoy!! :D

9:00pm ET:
Show has begun...

9:11pm ET:
Julie said we'll see jury house footage tonight and that there's a new showmance in the jury house.

9:17pm ET:
Omg, Nick and Kat are a "thing" in the jury house. lol Wow!!
Producers asked Nick if he's hooking up with anyone in the jury house, Nick said "I'm not answering that."
When producers asked Nick about Bella (his girlfriend in the house), he didn't say anything. He just smiled nervously. So yea, they're done. lol

9:28pm ET:
Tommy and Christie spilled the beans that they knew each other before entering the house.

Lots of comments on how well Nicole is playing the game. Nick said that Jackson is playing a great game and that he'll vote for the best player (so basically he's a vote for Jackson in the end).

9:37pm ET:
Cliip of Jackson/Cliff talking, where Cliff tells Jackson if he's evicted, he's gonna lose votes if Jax ends up in Final 2.

Jackson: "DAMNIT!!"

9:40pm ET:
America's Favorite Player is now open for voting!

9:46pm ET:
Time for the Veto Ceremony!!

Jackson used the veto on himself and put Cliff up. Jackson will be the sole vote to evict tonight.

9:49pm ET:
Jackson Votes to Evict:


On his way out the door, Jackson was asking Cliff to vote based on game. (He's still scared Cliff's going to get the jury against him, even though Cliff said he understands being evicted.) 

9:54pm ET:
Julie is interviewing Cliff now.

BB21 Schedule: 
Sunday: We will see Part 1 Final HOH Comp (guessing it won't be on the feeds again this year).
Wednesday: is the finale!! :D

And that's it for this post!!

Stay tuned...
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LifeSweetLife said...

Are you done posting? Waiting to hear your thoughts going into the finale.

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