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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

BB21: Live Finale

Happy Finale Day, BB fans!! Tonight at 9:30pm ET/8:30pm Central, the Big Brother 21 live finale will begin. I forgot to post (but posted on the FB group and Twitter) that Holly won Part 2 of the Final HOH. Tonight, we will watch Jackson VS Holly in Part 3. Doesn't really matter though, as they're taking each other. Nicole will be evicted and she's aware of it. She did try to plant some seeds of doubt within 'Jolly', and Holly even made remarks about how she doesn't like Jackson thinking the money is already his. But alas, we can fully expect a Holly/Jackson Final 2. As far as who will win? My money is on Jackson. It all depends on how bitter the jury is, since Jackson failed at good jury managment.

Okie dokie, guys and gals...grab your snackies one last time and enjoy the show!!

9:30pm ET:
Show begins...

9:40pm ET:
Jury Roundtable with the jury and Dr. Will. (Nicole would've won if she made it to F2. Heartbreaking.)

9:53pm ET:
Showing Nicole/Holly battling it out in Part 2 Final HOH, where Nicole lost and Holly won.

9:55pm ET:
Final HOH Part 3: Holly VS Jackson

Winner of the Final HOH of the BB21 Season is:

10:10pm ET:
Jackson, the final HOH of the season, picks who to evict.

Evicted from the BB21 House is:


10:19pm ET:
Nicole joins the jury on the stage.

10:20pm ET:
Jury is now questioning the Final 2.

10:30pm ET:
Final 2 with their jury speeches now.

10:22pm ET:
Jury is now inserting their vote keys into the wheel box.

10:25pm ET:
Pre-jury members Kemi, Ovi and David called out Jack and Jackson (the most) for their gross remarks all season about them. It was amazing!!!

***My laptop died (worst timing ever!!), so I wasn't able to get any more gifs of the finale.

The Votes:
Nicole: Holly
Cliff: Jackson
Tommy: Jackson
Christie: Jackson
Jessica: Holly
Nick: Jackson
Analyse: Jackson
Kat: Holly
Jack: Jackson

Final Vote: 6-3

Winner of Big Brother 21 is:


Jackson didn't smile once. He's clearly upset at being called out for being racist.

Julie announced the 3 top HG's for AFP:

Winner of the America's Favorite Player is:


Well deserved, Nicole!!

**And that's it for this BB21 season!!! Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog this season! See you next year!!!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

Sorry but miche what he did to tommy he is not a winner

Unknown said...

The good news is the worst season in the history of Big Brother is almost over. You got to think at some point CBS was wishing they could pull the plug on this season and start over.

Kennon said...

I just don't understand how those people could choose a person of Mickey's character to win BB21. Did any of you just see how he looked at Holly before the commercial break and refused to hold her hand! I truly don't believe him when he said his mother raised him right!

Jax said...

I still can't get over how boneheaded it was for Cliff and Nicole to evict Tommy instead of one of Jolly. That was both of their seasons right there! They were playing for third place after that move.

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