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Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday: Veto Ceremony Spoiler

Good evening, ladies & gents! Well, today is the day BB21 died. I'll just cut to the chase...

Jackson Used the Veto on himself
Bella is the replacement nom (via HOH Cliff)

Christie did not use her power.

This is a far cry from what was supposed to happen as of yesterday. Cliff backed out and wants to work with others in the majority alliance. Nick, Sam and Bella all know they're screwed in the game now, thanks to Cliff for not making a big move this week.

Nick to Cliff: "This is BB19 all over again. There's not even a point to watch. If you're a live feeder, just turn it off. Just turn off the f*cking show, because Jack just won Big Brother. We're f*cked! We have no one now."

Nick said its ironic that the person he tried to get out (Nicole), is now the only person he has left (assuming that Bella leaves this week as expected).

How Cliff can so stupidly trust the same people who got him out and has never/will never work with him, is beyond me. Evel Dick summed it up best:

What's even funnier, is that post-veto ceremony, Cliff was wondering why nobody was coming up and talking to him. Hint: Because they used you and now they're done, Cliff. *head desk*

In other news, Jackson..who is a Have Not this week..has been sneaking food into the shower and eating it. There's multiple videos of it around on Twitter. He should have a consequence for it, but doubtful anything will happen. Not sure why BB even has rules if they just allow HG's to break them anyway.

I'm not sure what to even write at this point. The majority of the house is running this season and it's not even fun to watch. It's a group made of the most disgusting, rude, and useless houseguests I've ever seen on BB (in my opinion). You have Analyse and Holly, which do absolutely nothing. You have Jessica who is utterly clueless and useless (but she seems like a nice girl, though). Christie/Jack/Jackson are running everything. Sam and Nick both just FINALLY woke up to what's going on in the game (a month into the 3 month game) and it's too late. Cliff's been the biggest HG flop ever on a season. The only person worthy of rooting for at this point, is Nicole. One houseguest VS the rest. It's like watching a lamb walking around a pack of wolves. Yeah, good luck with that.

I'm sorry, guys. I'm just in a crappy mood. I'm not sure how much more of this season I can take. (If you watched BB19, then you'll know how I feel. I don't think I ever fully recovered from that season. lol) *sigh*

Stay tuned...
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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday: Overnighter (+ Veto Comp Spoiler)

Happy Sunday Funday, y'all!! Yesterday was a big day in the BB house, both game talk wise and Veto Comp wise. This was the most important Veto Comp of the BB21 season so far. Most BB fans were hoping for Cliff to pull out the Veto win, to ensure that the noms of Jack/Jackson remained the same.

First, the HG's had their Veto players picked and it was: Sam/Holly/Jessica.

Jack used his Whacktivity Power and forced a redraw. 

Veto Players: 

The feeds came back on after the comp at 4:18pm BBT and...

Winner of the Veto is:


When the feeds came back on, we saw Jackson very excitedly telling the rest of the houseguests how he won the Veto Comp.

Most of them did not look interested, but that didn't keep Jackson from rambling on and on, ad nauseam. Jack said he did horribly and came in last. Christie has since made everything about her: wondering if she should use her Diamond Power of Veto Whacktivity power or not. She's worried that herself or Tommy would go up as the replacement nom if she doesn't use it, which Kat told her that'd be the case.

What Christie's power is:
Her "Diamond Power of Veto", if activated, would allow the Veto Winner (in this case, Jackson) to name the replacement nom (instead of the HOH, Cliff).

At 10:58am BBT, Cliff talked to Nick/Bella about how he could convince Christie to not use her power this week.

Nick told Cliff to lie and 'gas them up'. Cliff said he'd probably put up Tommy as the replacement nom because "nobody would vote against Tommy".  He also mentioned that they have to cut Jessica because he can't trust her, even though she's a number for them right now.

Cliff: "I don't trust (Jessica) further than I can spit."

At 5:50pm BBT, Cliff told Sam/Bella that if Christie doesn't use her power this week, then his renom would be Tommy. If Christie does use her power, then he thinks they'd make Nick or Bella the renom (*yep) and one of those 2 (N/B) would go home since the votes aren't there to save them.

If you're wondering if Christie is going to use her power or not, then fast-forward to her conversation with Cliff at 7:09pm BBT.
(Cliff's leg is elevated because he injured it during the Veto Comp.)

Cliff (lied) and agreed with Christie that Bella needs to go. This was just an effort to get her to feel okay with not using her power this week. (*Smart!)  He then told her that after Jackson pulls himself off the block, the renom would probably be either Analyse or Holly. He then (lied again) and promised Christie that her/Tommy would not be a renom if she decides to not use her power this week and that making Bella the renom would be good for him, since there wouldn't be any bad blood on his hands with Nicole and the others (Six Shooters) would be happy too. Christie told Cliff that if he backdoors Bella, she would use her power "to benefit (Cliff) however it may be". Cliff told her she doesn't have to do that and to use it to for her own game, but to promise him that her/Tommy would not nominate him if they won HOH. (8:12pm BBT) Christie agreed and assured Cliff "that wouldn't happen" .

What's interesting is that Christie told Jack, post-Cliff talk, that Cliff asked for 2 weeks of safety (which he didn't) and that he'll put up Bella, if Christie doesn't use her power this week. Jack then told Jackson/Holly all of this, as Christie informed Tommy/Analyse. So while Christie thinks she's manipulating Cliff, Cliff is actually manipulating her.

The plan for the Six Shooters is to get Bella up and out this week. (*Christie told Jack yesterday morning before the veto comp that she'd only use her power if it meant that Bella would go up, but now Christie thinks, thanks to Cliff lying, that Bella is going up and she'll still be able to keep her Whacktivity power.)

Looking ahead...
Christie said that she wants to pull Nick in with 'them' (Six Shooters) after Bella leaves. Christie also said she wants to pull Nicole in with them, but Nicole told Christie that she has (valid) concerns that she'd be a bottom feeder in that group due to the couples. (*Well, she's not wrong. lol)

Meanwhile, Christie/Tommy wants to start targeting the couples sooner than later (Christie said she'd put up Jackson/Holly first), as Nick said in another convo that he'd gun after Christie if she uses her power this week and Bella ends up being the renom.

That's it for this Overnighter!! Christie has until 11am Monday morning to tell the D.R. if she plans on using her power or not. I expect her to do more talks today and we'll have to see what she ultimately decides tomorrow. At this point, it seems that she's setting it set up for her to not use her power and trust Cliff to put Bella up as the renom, as Cliff plans to go back on his word and put Tommy up instead to ensure that Jack leaves this week. This is fantastic!!! lol

Today is Sunday Funday, so I'll be back tomorrow morning with any new game talk and I'll post the Veto Ceremony Spoiler later on as well. Until then, enjoy your Sunday and enjoy the finally interesting live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday: Have Nots + Nominations

Good evening, ladies & gents!! Today the HG's announced the first Have Not's of the BB21 season.

Have Nots are:


The Camp Comeback bedroom is now the Have Not's room. (The decor is still the same.) What's funny is that Jackson...the human garbage disposal that eats all the damn food in the house 24/ on slop for a week. And wait, it gets better...

Cliff had his Nomination Ceremony today.

Nominated for Eviction is:

(Jack and Tommy are crying in the .gif above. Tommy has been acting as if Jack/Jackson died. lol He's so over-dramatic.)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!! Who would've thunk it that Cliff would be our BB21 savior?! We really slept on Cliff, didn't we?! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't giddy with excitement from all of today's happenings. lol It's been nothing short of glorious!!

Even though Jackson said he didn't mind going up as a pawn, he didn't wanna go up against Jack. So he's not taking it well. Plus the whole slop thing isn't helping.

As far as Nick/Bella go, Nick seems like he's finally woke and knows he can't work with his old alliance (since they betrayed him and voted Cliff out, instead of Nicole yesterday and blindsided him). He said he has no choice but to trust the outsiders now and if they betray him, there's nothing he can do. He knows he'd be an idiot to go back to the other side. Sam also seems to be with the outsiders now.

Christie has said that she doesn't plan on using her power this week, but Jack still has his Veto Redraw power (until Final 6) and he said if he doesn't like the veto players, he'll use it.

This is gonna be a very interesting week, starting with the Veto Comp tomorrow. Ladies & gents, the game has officially begun!!! :D Until tomorrow, enjoy watching the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning and happy TGI-Friday, y'all!! So last night, the HG's had their HOH Comp (feeds were off during the comp) and when they came back on, we learned that...

The New HOH is:


Wow!! So Cliff got evicted, won the Camp Comeback comp to get back in the game, and then wins the HOH Comp. What a day for Cliff!! So this can either be good news or bad news for us: either the power has finally shifted to the outsiders for the 1st time this season, or Cliff is gonna do the Six Shooters bidding and nominate Nick/Bella for eviction. Time will tell.

Jackson doesn't wanna act fake nice to Nick/Bella anymore, as Jack does. Also, Jack said he forbids the 9 to talk to the outsiders. (*Can he go this week, please?! Ugh.)

Tommy did damage control with Cliff (for voting him out), as Cliff said he understands why he was voted out because he was caught saying he's going for the pairs in the house. Tommy then went and told Nicole that he wanted to tell her that she's staying, but he couldn't.

Nick kissed Jacks a** and told him he wants them to be able to trust him and knows that he's gotta distance himself from Bella for his own game. Meanwhile, Bella thinks she's still in the big alliance. (*lol)

Christie (who has the DPOV power) tried to do damage control of her own, telling Cliff that he was only targeted because of his Cliffnotes talk and spilling the beans that he was targeting the couples. Cliff told her that he's no longer targeting couples (*hmm.) Speaking of Christie, she blabbed to even more HG's about her power: this time it was to Jessica and Nicole. (*I think only Cliff doesn't know about her power at this point. Jeez. lol)

In other news...
Jackson told Kat (who's playing both sides of the house) to tell Cliff to put up Nick/Bella. Later on, Jackson  told Cliff that he (Jackson) can be a pawn if need be. (The numbers are on his side, so it's not risky to him. Has nobody told these HGs that pawns go home?!) At 2:50am BBT, Cliff told Jackson that he wants to work with him/Holly. (*Oh, please no.) Jackson, of course, pinned the votes to get Cliff out all on Nick/Bella in an attempt to get them nom'ed. He also told Cliff that if he puts up Nick/Bella, then the Six Shooters will have his back moving forward.

What a mess! And I love it!!! I'm legit excited to see how things unfold this week. I'm hoping it's the turn around we've all been wanting and needing. I'll be back later today with the Nomination Ceremony spoiler. Until then, enjoy the feeds!

PS I'll update the blogs HG banner later today, I have to scurry outta here and go to work. :P

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday: Live Eviction + Camp Comeback Spoiler

Good evening, ladies and gents!! Tonight is the live eviction and we'll also get a HG from Camp Comeback returning to the game.

We can all expect Cliff to be evicted tonight in a blindside vote. The Six Shooters Alliance will then be gunning for Nick and Bella, with Bella being first on their hit list. Of course, this all depends on who wins the HOH comp tonight.

Nothing has been happening in the house for days. Same ol', same ol'. I'm actually curious to what BB will even show on tonight's show since nothing game-wise has been happening. In other news, former BB alumni have been very vocal on Twitter about this season being the worst. I'm hoping once a few HG's leave, it'll get better but who knows. One bad apple spoils a bunch (or in this case, about half the house lol) and I wonder what will happen once you cut out a few of the most toxic HG's. The vibe could change and fires could be lit under the remaining HG's butts to start gaming. Here's hoping!!

Okie dokie, I'll update this post once the show is over but if you need to know what's going on as it's happening live, then join me over on Twitter as I'll be tweeting as I watch it.

Enjoy the show everybody!

The Votes:
Vote to evict Cliff: Analyse, Jack, Christie, Holly, Jackson, and Tommy.
Vote to evict Nicole: Bella, Sam, Jessica and Kat (Kat said she knows what's going on)

Evicted from the BB House is:

Camp Comeback was played between David/Ovi/Kemi/Cliff and...

The Camp Comeback Winner is:


So basically Nick's HOH was a waste and the whole week was a waste, as Nicole and Cliff are still both in the house. As the live show ended, we saw Nick/Bella talking to the Six Shooters Alliance about what just happened (since they turned on Nick/Bella). 

Julie said that the HOH Comp will be shown on Sunday nights episode, which means it'll probably be played at some point tonight and aired on Sunday. 

I'll be back tomorrow morning with the HOH Comp winner (if it's played tonight). If not, then I'll be back tomorrow afternoon with a detailed post of the post-live show happenings and where things stand. Have a great night, guys!!

Stay tuned...
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Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday: Veto Ceremony Spoiler + Update

Happy Monday, BB fans! I've been spending the last couple of hours gathering up things I wanted to put in this post and after nearly falling asleep at my laptop out of boredom, I decided to leave out the showmance crap and just get to the need-to-know stuff. lol

Today was the Veto Ceremony and...

Kat Used the Veto to Save Jessica
Nicole is the Replacement Nom 

So now we have Cliff/Nicole on the block, with Cliff set to be evicted on Thursday night. Unfortunately for Nick, he has no clue. He thinks Nicole (his target) is going up & out. Not so fast there, Nick. The Six Shooters Alliance (which is just the Gr8ful Alliance minus Nick/Bella) decided to keep Nicole. They plan on bringing Nicole in as a number and scooping out whichever Camp Comeback member comes back and then all of them will go after Nick/Bella. Or at least that's the plan. We'll see how well that works out for them come Thursday, though.

Speaking of Nick/Bella, there's been drama (that I won't get into) because Nick/Analyse have been hanging out and cuddling, while Nick is supposed to be with Bella and it's making her jealous/pissing her off.

Whatever. Nobody cares.

Moving on...

Christie has been spilling the beans about her Whackativity Power. As you saw on last night's show, she told Tommy but today she's been telling others. I've lost count on who she's all told. That girl cannot keep a secret. lol Geez. Speaking of Christie, she spent the past 24 hours being paranoid that she was going to be on the block today. This led to multiple paranoia induced freak-outs by Christie. I'm sure they'll show those meltdowns on Wednesday nights episode.

And that's it for this post! If the live eviction plan goes according to plan, then we should have some fireworks on Thursday. Nick/Bella will be pissed, as the Six Shooters Alliance (and I guess Sam, too? They kinda add him to the alliances as a +1 but never truly with any of them lol) will gun for Nick/Bella...unless Bella wins HOH. Dun, dun DUNNNN!! That'd be fun to watch!!

Okie dokie, I'll be back tomorrow or Wednesday with a new post. It all depends on if these HG's actually do anything worth writing about. Until then, I'll see y'all over on Twitter!

Stay tuned...
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