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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday: Veto Spoiler

Happy Saturday, everybody! Jackson (HOH) nominated Christie/Analyse for eviction yesterday and today was the Veto Comp. Jackson's target this week is Christie so it's imperative that he wins veto to ensure his noms stay the same.

Without further ado..

Winner of the Veto is:


So it's bye-bye Christie this week. The other players in the veto comp today were Cliff/Nick/Holly. Apparently, Analyse picked Holly's chip out of the bag and was not happy about that.

Christie knows she's going to jury and has been crying to Tommy about it already. It's going to be a long, tear-filled week for us feedsters! lol

Christie is saying that she knows everyone is going to vote how Jackson wants them to vote and that it must be "meant to be" (her going to jury). I'll keep y'all updated on anything major but Christie just said that she's not going to campaign against Analyse and she knows she's done. It's a pretty done deal this week.

Veto Ceremony is Monday, where Jackson will solidify his noms staying the same and then the live eviction on Thursday as usual.

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday: Live Eviction

Hey guys & gals, yes I am here!! I just hit a wall and couldn't stand to listen, watch or blog about this season for this past week. lol We didn't miss anything all week, though...until last night when all hell broke loose. It's a lot to cover and tonight's show is going to detail it, so don't worry about missing anything. The breakdown of it all is that everyone's game is now blown up, Kat is going to be evicted tonight, and the messy feeds last night seems like it was all because of Jessica and Nicole. Like I said, we'll see it all unfold on tonight's live show.

Okie dokie, tonight's live show will start at 9pm ET/8pm as usual and the HOH Comp will be shown on the feeds!! So if you still got the feeds, turn'em on right after the show.

9:00pm ET:
Show begins....

The Votes:
Nick votes to evict KAT
Christie votes to evict KAT
Analyse votes to evict KAT
Nicole votes to evict KAT
Jess votes to evict CLIFF
Holly votes to evict KAT
Jackson votes to evict KAT

Evicted from the BB House is:

The HOH Comp is endurance and will be shown on the feeds. I will update on here, Twitter and also the FB group when it's over!

The New HOH is:

Stay tuned...
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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday: Veto Comp Spoiler

Happy Sunday Funday, BB addicts! The Veto Comp was played yesterday and the feeds were down for nearly 3 hours for it. It was a BB classic...the Otev Comp (Otev is Veto spelled backwards, for those of you new to the BB scene).

Winner of the Veto is:


Welp, looks like Christie's game will be saved this week. Tommy will definitely be using it on her, which will leave Cliff and Kat on the block. I'm not sure who would go home at this point between those two, if I'm being honest. We'll have to wait to see what conversations happen this week. I'd also like to point out that the Field Trip Twist was yet another failed twist this season. lol Tommy would've been one of the 3 HG's to go on the Field Trip if he hadn't won HOH, so anyone who voted for Tommy all week, just wasted their time.

Speaking of the Field Trip Twist, Cliff talked to us live feedsters yesterday and said "I hope y'all gave that Field Trip to those guys because they aren't your favorites. 'Cause they're not mine." (*you nailed it, Cliff. lol)

Nicole is worried that 'the 6' (person alliance) is going to reform and she's right because it is. This time, it's with Nick as Jack's replacement. At least for now. Jackson/Christie are both gunning for each other and Jackson told Holly yesterday that he doesn't wanna work with Christie and that it "goes against everything he stands for" by doing so. He eventually caved and said fine, he'll work with Christie/the alliance again.

Nicole told Jess/Kat yesterday that maybe they could pitch the idea to Tommy to get Holly up as a replacement nom by telling Tommy/Analyse everything Holly spilled to them last week. Don't hold your breath on this plan, though. I don't see this happening,

In other news...
Analyse's Chicken Suit punishment got turned up a notch.

For 3 days (out of the week she has to wear the costume), she has to go to her chicken coop in the backyard whenever she hears a chicken signal and 'lay an egg'. Then she has to cook everyone eggs and serve it to them while clucking.

Tomorrow (Monday) is the Veto Ceremony where we can expect Tommy to take Christie off the block and leave his original noms of Cliff/Kat up on the block

Have a good Sunday Funday, everybody!

Stay tuned...
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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday: Noms Spoiler + Field Trip Twist

Happy Saturday, y'all!! This post is gonna be a quickie post to catch us all up to speed on things. Okay, so as we know from Thursday night on the live eviction episode, Tommy is the new HOH. Yesterday was noms and...

Nominated for Eviction is:

As of last night, Tommy said that Kat is his target.
But wait, there's more...

The HG's were informed about the Field Trip Twist and then then 3 HG's picked by America played in the comp. The HG's and their results are:

JACKSON: 1st place-Won safety for the week
ANALYSE: 2nd place-Punishment (chicken costume)

CHRISTIE: 3rd place-3rd Nominee on the block this week

So, now we have Cliff/Kat/Christie on the block. Christie has been in full meltdown mode, wondering how and why America hates her/them. She knows her personality is a "strong personality" but isn't taking the whole America-doesn't-like-you thing well. lol

Today is the Veto Comp and that's what's going to determine how this week plays out, especially with 3 noms in the hot seat. If Christie wins and takes herself off (or if anyone else not on the block wins it and takes her off), there will not be a renom for her spot.

If Christie remains on the block, I actually think she might get evicted at this point, which would be hilarious since it'd be on Tommy's HOH. lol Jackson told Holly yesterday that they "need to make that move (of evicting Christie) while they can" and "get no blood on our hands". Speaking of Holly, she could be the renom if Cliff or Kat comes off.

And last but not least...
Tommy's punishment is officially ovahhh!! BB told him his mission is now complete.

Okay, now we're all caught up! Have a great Saturday, y'all!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thursday: Live Eviction

Good evening, BB fans! Happy Live Eviction Day!! We haven't missed much on the feeds. Jack will be evicted tonight, so there won't be any surprises there. His fate has been sealed for days now. As I mentioned in my previous post, Jessica did what Cliff couldn't/wouldn't do during his HOH and well, I'm happy to report that Cliff said the same thing this morning and gave Jessica props.

After Jack gets evicted, we'll then see the houseguests battle it out for the title of this weeks HOH! It all starts at 9pm ET so make sure you have your snackies ready to goooo!! Happy #JackEvictionParty day!!!

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

The Votes:
Holly votes to evict...Jack
Analyse votes to evict...Jackson
Christie votes to evict...Jackson
Nicole votes to evict...Jack
Cliff votes to evict...Jack
Nick votes to evict...Jack
Tommy votes evict...Jack
Kat votes to evict...Jack

Evicted from the BB House is:
(1st member of Jury)

Wow! Julie is calling Jack out on all the things he said about Kemi. Jack is apologizing. Wishes he could take it back. Says the "stomp a mud hole through her chest" was from Sam last season.

Julie then asked Jack about his comment on "Proof is in the rice pudding" (about Bella, being Asian) and Jack said in that conversation, they were talking about rice in the slop and has nothing to do with her being Asian. Jack thanked Julie for asking him so he could clear things up.

The New HOH is:

Julie mentioned the Field Trip twist thing...

...we'll see that on Sunday at 8pm ET/7c. Also, Wednesday the time for BB21 changes to 8pm ET/7c.

Have a good night, guys & gals!!

Stay tuned...

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday: Veto Ceremony Spoiler

Happy Monday, everybody! Today was the Veto Ceremony and...

Jessica did NOT use the Veto
Jack/Jackson remain on the block

Jessica held strong with her original noms and made sure to guarantee the departure of one of the Jacks this week. She finished what Cliff couldn't/wouldn't do during his HOH. While Jessica winning HOH and Veto makes her a "threat" in the game, I don't think she'll be in any immediate danger. There's a lot of other targets in the game that I think will be bigger fish to fry.

Jack is still the target this week and he kinda knows his game is dead in the water, so there won't be an awesome blindside this Thursday. *sigh* Oh well. Jack has a plan to offer Cliff 3 weeks of safety for his vote, but Cliff has already told others that he's voting Jack out. So that's that.

Speaking of Jack, he told Analyse that if he does stay, he's gunning hard for Christie. Nick also told Analyse that if he wins HOH next week, he wants Christie/Jackson out next, so it looks like Christie's game is in trouble.

In other news, Kat is "done" with Tommy. She asked Tommy today why was the #7 position in a 6 person alliance offered to herself/Nicole/Cliff. (*lol) Tommy stumbled for words.

Tommy: "I..don't know. That's..not me. I can't answer that.."

And last but not least...
The now-dead Six Shooters alliance held their own funeral today. Tommy felt it was his fault, Christie cried as usual, Analyse was about as involved in the conversation as a lamp, and Jack apologized sincerely to Jackson. Jack then told Jackson they're still friends and will go to Vegas together.

Later on, Kat called Jack out for the 6 of them meeting upstairs, as Jack said it was him apologizing to Jackson. Kat said the last meeting they had, people were saying lies about her that weren't true and she wasn't there to defend herself. (She's talking about when they had a meeting to evict her, so she's rightfully paranoid. lol)

And that's it for this post! I don't really see much changing between now and Thursday as far as the target for eviction night, but we do have Tommy still doing his veto comp punishment and Jackson might be getting his Alien Doctor punishment task tonight. Jack has already had visits from his Alien punishment. The feeds are off during those visits unfortunatley, but at 5:18am BBT this morning, the feeds came back on with Jack in the pool canoe (from one of his Alien visit tasks) and he was asking production how to get out of it. lol

Eventually he paddled over to the edge of the pool and crawled out.

Okay guys & gals, have a good night!!

Stay tuned...
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