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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

BB21: Live Finale

Happy Finale Day, BB fans!! Tonight at 9:30pm ET/8:30pm Central, the Big Brother 21 live finale will begin. I forgot to post (but posted on the FB group and Twitter) that Holly won Part 2 of the Final HOH. Tonight, we will watch Jackson VS Holly in Part 3. Doesn't really matter though, as they're taking each other. Nicole will be evicted and she's aware of it. She did try to plant some seeds of doubt within 'Jolly', and Holly even made remarks about how she doesn't like Jackson thinking the money is already his. But alas, we can fully expect a Holly/Jackson Final 2. As far as who will win? My money is on Jackson. It all depends on how bitter the jury is, since Jackson failed at good jury managment.

Okie dokie, guys and gals...grab your snackies one last time and enjoy the show!!

9:30pm ET:
Show begins...

9:40pm ET:
Jury Roundtable with the jury and Dr. Will. (Nicole would've won if she made it to F2. Heartbreaking.)

9:53pm ET:
Showing Nicole/Holly battling it out in Part 2 Final HOH, where Nicole lost and Holly won.

9:55pm ET:
Final HOH Part 3: Holly VS Jackson

Winner of the Final HOH of the BB21 Season is:

10:10pm ET:
Jackson, the final HOH of the season, picks who to evict.

Evicted from the BB21 House is:


10:19pm ET:
Nicole joins the jury on the stage.

10:20pm ET:
Jury is now questioning the Final 2.

10:30pm ET:
Final 2 with their jury speeches now.

10:22pm ET:
Jury is now inserting their vote keys into the wheel box.

10:25pm ET:
Pre-jury members Kemi, Ovi and David called out Jack and Jackson (the most) for their gross remarks all season about them. It was amazing!!!

***My laptop died (worst timing ever!!), so I wasn't able to get any more gifs of the finale.

The Votes:
Nicole: Holly
Cliff: Jackson
Tommy: Jackson
Christie: Jackson
Jessica: Holly
Nick: Jackson
Analyse: Jackson
Kat: Holly
Jack: Jackson

Final Vote: 6-3

Winner of Big Brother 21 is:


Jackson didn't smile once. He's clearly upset at being called out for being racist.

Julie announced the 3 top HG's for AFP:

Winner of the America's Favorite Player is:


Well deserved, Nicole!!

**And that's it for this BB21 season!!! Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog this season! See you next year!!!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday: Live Eviction

Hey BB fans! Welcome to the last regular live show of the season! The next live show, will be the finale next week on the 25th. This 100 Day Season is almost over! Tonights episode will show the live veto ceremony, where veto winner Jackson will pick who he wants to evict: Cliff or Holly. Jackson has said multiple times that Cliff is going home but then Cliff made a last minute pitch to Jackson, saying that Jackon won't get his or Nicole's vote if he's sent to jury and he'll do everything he can to get the rest of the jury house to not vote for Jackson. This has left Jackson in a state of panic, as he has said he came to the BB house to win, not place 2nd.

It's now time for tonight's show, so grab your snackies and enjoy!! :D

9:00pm ET:
Show has begun...

9:11pm ET:
Julie said we'll see jury house footage tonight and that there's a new showmance in the jury house.

9:17pm ET:
Omg, Nick and Kat are a "thing" in the jury house. lol Wow!!
Producers asked Nick if he's hooking up with anyone in the jury house, Nick said "I'm not answering that."
When producers asked Nick about Bella (his girlfriend in the house), he didn't say anything. He just smiled nervously. So yea, they're done. lol

9:28pm ET:
Tommy and Christie spilled the beans that they knew each other before entering the house.

Lots of comments on how well Nicole is playing the game. Nick said that Jackson is playing a great game and that he'll vote for the best player (so basically he's a vote for Jackson in the end).

9:37pm ET:
Cliip of Jackson/Cliff talking, where Cliff tells Jackson if he's evicted, he's gonna lose votes if Jax ends up in Final 2.

Jackson: "DAMNIT!!"

9:40pm ET:
America's Favorite Player is now open for voting!

9:46pm ET:
Time for the Veto Ceremony!!

Jackson used the veto on himself and put Cliff up. Jackson will be the sole vote to evict tonight.

9:49pm ET:
Jackson Votes to Evict:


On his way out the door, Jackson was asking Cliff to vote based on game. (He's still scared Cliff's going to get the jury against him, even though Cliff said he understands being evicted.) 

9:54pm ET:
Julie is interviewing Cliff now.

BB21 Schedule: 
Sunday: We will see Part 1 Final HOH Comp (guessing it won't be on the feeds again this year).
Wednesday: is the finale!! :D

And that's it for this post!!

Stay tuned...
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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday: Final Veto Comp (Spoiler)

Happy Sunday, BB fans!! Yesterday, us feedsters waited around for hours for the feeds to come back on from the Final Veto Comp of the BB21 season. Feeds went off at 2:30pm BBT and came back on at 7:20pm BBT.

Nominated for Eviction is:

And now, without further ado...

Winner of the Final Veto Comp of the BB21 Season is:

As I noted in my last post, the Veto this week is more powerful than HOH. The Veto holder, Jackson, has the sole vote to be cast this week and this also means he automatically just advanced to Final 3 with Nicole (HOH). So, who will be joining those two for F3? It'll definitley be Holly, as you probably already guessed. (This was confirmed by Jackson last night.) Jackson lied to Cliff pre-veto comp and said he'd bring him to F3 and cut Holly, and not only did Cliff believe him, but he still believes that Jackson will stay true to his word. Nope. Sorry, buddy. So as of now, Cliff is in the dark about going to jury this Thursday.

Last night at 2am BBT, Jackson/Holly talked about if he should use the veto on Holly (so that Holly votes out Cliff and she gets the blood on her hands, which would help him with the jury votes). Holly promised Jackson that if he saved her with the Veto, she would never vote him (Jax) out.

In other news, the HG's had a Luxury Comp and it appears that Jackson won $10,000.

Tonight is a new episode of Big Brother and I'm not really sure how they're going to fill the whole hour, since the HOH Endurace Comp lasted about 5 minutes. lol I know they're also going to show the Tommy/Jackson fight, nominations, and the luxury comp. Maybe the editing room can work their magic and stretch out footage. :P

Okie dokie, I'll be back tomorrow with the Veto Ceremony spoiler. Until then, enjoy your weekend!!

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thursday: Live Eviction

Good evening, ladies & gents! Tonight we have another live eviction and...well, we don't know who's going home! Kinda refreshing to not know, isn't it?! All week long, Nicole/Cliff were going to possibly vote out Holly (the smartest game move for them) but yesterday and today, they've been playing with the idea of getting Tommy out instead. *head desk* The feeds were off during a house meeting that Nicole called today, so us feedsters have no clue what happened and what will happen tonight. So buckle up, kids!! Gonna be a bumpy night.

Okie dokie, let's watch the show!! :D

9:00pm ET:
Show begins....

Nicole in DR said she knows the smarter choice is to break up Jackson/Holly.

9:08pm ET:
Showing Tommy offering to throw tonight's HOH comp if they keep him. Tommy in DR said he will honor that deal if they save him.

9:11pm ET:
Holly in DR said they (Jackson/Holly/Cliff/Nicole) made a Final 4 and thought they were solid, so she's not sure why Cliff/Nicole are even considering keeping Tommy instead. Jackson in the DR said his odds of geting to F2 are way better with Holly in the house so he's "never going to give up on Holly". He wants her in the house. (Obviously.)

9:13pm ET:
Julie said that Cliff/Nicole are talking in the BB house right now and are *still* undecided on who to send to jury tonight.

9:23pm ET:
Jackson is pissed at Cliff for even thinking of getting rid of Holly and will gun after him, regardless if Holly stays or goes. (*As he should. He has every reason to do so.)

9:25pm ET:
Footage of Tommy talking to Cliff/Nicole, as Jackson eavesdrops. (*This is where everything got wonky.) Tommy telling Nicole/Cliff that he'll help them take down Jackson and honor his throwing the HOH tonight. (Jackson ends up using this convo as ammo later on.)

Jackson wants to convince Cliff/Nicole (by telling a lie) to get rid of Tommy. He tells them that Tommy told him he wants to work with them (Jackson/Holly) and was gonna pitch to them to throw HOH. Jackson said his (Jax) loyalty is to Cliff/Nicole. Jackson lying said that Tommy wants to take Cliff out. Nicole said she wants to have a house meeting. (*This is when the feeds cut out earlier today.)

Nicole in DR said that someone is lying (Tommy or Jackson) and she wants a house meeting to clear the air.

Nicole: "Over it. So over it."

9:35pm ET:
Time for the votes! (Julie said they'll show a fight from earlier today later on but now its time for the votes.)

Nicole votes to evict...TOMMY
Cliff votes to evict...TOMMY

(Nicole/Cliff just committed game-suicide.)

Evicted from the BB House is:

Tommy said that Nicole is playing a good game and honestly doesn't know if he'd win against her in F2 but would've taken her anyway.

Up next, the HOH Comp. Reminder: this week, the HOH gets safety plus advances to F3 and whoever wins Veto not only wins safety but is the sole vote this week and will decide which HG to take with them to F3.

HOH Comp is called "Crash and Turn".

It's a move-set endurance comp. Julie just reminded them that whoever wins HOH, goes to F3.

9:57pm ET:
A clip of today's fight between Jackson/Tommy just aired. The rest will air on Sunday.

The HOH Comp will be on the feeds. I won't be covering it (it's only 3 people lol) but I will update here when there's a winner! :D I'll also be over on Twitter with y'all. If you're not following me, then follow me (BBaddictedJamie) here!!

Winner of the HOH Comp is:

Holly said she gave her word (to throw the HOH comp if they kept her this week.)

Stay tuned...
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Monday, September 9, 2019

BB Renewed + Update on Life

BB fans, we can all rejoice! Big Brother has been officially renewed for another season yay!!!! (Let's hope it's wayyyy better than this season! lol) Julie Chen will be back to host BB22 and I also will be back to blog! :D I know I haven't been here much this year, but this season is so dull, it's a bloggers worst nightmare. To everyone who has donated and/or bought the feeds through the blog again this season, a HUGE thank you to every single one of you!!!! It's *only* because of you guys and gals that I am here this season. No support = no blog. Simple as that. While the support hasn't been much this year, it's definitely understandable. I know a lot of y'all have been as disappointed in this season as I have been, I totally get it. So here's hoping that BB22 end up being spectacular season!!! :D

Moving on....

Every year, I make a blog post that's kind of an update on me/my life behind the scenes. It's my way of connecting with you guys so that you can get to know the person behind the screen. Through the years, I have made a lot of friends from the blog, with some that I've had the pleasure of meeting in real life and absolutely love! It's also how you guys and gals got know Bella (my golden retriever that passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago) and I know a lot of you shared my grief when she passed away. I still miss, and will forever miss, that little girl.

As most of you know, my husband and I have since rescued 2 dogs (both are the same age): another female golden retriever like my Bella was...her name is Brianna. We also have another rescue dog named Benny, who is some sort of mix. (We think he might be a Black Mouth Cur/Pitbull mix. We plan on doing a doggy DNA kit on him at some point.)

Brianna and Benny are the best of friends, 2 peas in a pod, attached at the hip to each other. They both will be turning 2 yrs old in a couple of months already and have gotten so big!! My babies!!! :D

Benny is the super lovey dovey type. He's my sensitive kid. Wears his heart on his sleeve. I've thought about making him a therapy dog because if you're sad and/or crying, he can sense it and will climb up your leg to kiss you and lick your tears away. He's amazing!!! My little love bug. He has a goofy personality, full of head tilts and making (what I call) Benny-boo noises (they're playful soft-whimpers of happiness). He's always smiling and loves meeting strangers! He's very loyal, extremely smart and is the most adorable dog.

Brianna is the opposite of Benny in a lot of ways. (Opposites attract, right?! lol) She is a brute, runs like the wind, makes agility courses of her own in our backyard, not really that affectionate but she will come to you to demand you give her lovins. lol Unlike Benny, if you're crying or in need of a hug, she'll refer you to her brother for support as she continues to take a nap. haha She's the alpha out of the two, and possibly more alpha than my husband and I combined! She's also a bit of a charmer and knows how to work those eyes of hers to get what she wants. I call her my "little fat kid" (even though both of them are lean from their raw diets) because she's an absolute food junkie! If you have food, she wants it. Food on the counter? It'll be gone. Cooking food? She'll wait patiently to see if you give her any scraps. Opening up a bag of chips? Here she comes! lol

About 3 weeks ago, Brianna was doing her full-powered running laps in our backyard and when she came around a corner (where I was standing), she took my knee out. Her hitting my knee felt like I got hit by a car going 30 mph. My shoe and sock flew off from the impact, that's how hard she hit me. lol

The result? I have a sprained knee. It was also partially dislocated, but luckily it popped back into place on its own about a week later. Brianna seemed to have felt bad for the mishap and has been a mamas girl ever since. It's actually made us bond even closer! :) I should've been paying more attention to where I was standing when she was running, since I know how she gets when runs her laps. lol She's also still a puppy (mentally), and I'm sure she didn't know her own strength. I'm sure she does now, though! lol ;)

In other news...
Since this season of Big Brother has been lackluster, I had a great summer for the first time in a decade (since I started blogging BB)! Those of you who have followed me from Day 1, know that I take Sunday's off to do summer stuff, but I work the other 6 days blogging and working my full time job. This summer, I've had so much downtime that I was able to get out and do so much stuff that I've missed out on due to blogging BB all these years. Swimming at state parks, river tubing, road trips, waterparks,'s been a great summer! So I guess that's silver lining for me during this not-so-great BB season. I didn't realize how much time I've spent in previous years watching hours upon hours of the feeds and blogging until this summer. So next year, I'll do a balance of blogging and summer activities. Hey, I'm not getting any younger. ;) Enjoy life while ya can!

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys & gals also had a great summer! I'm looking forward to the Fall (once my knee heals) and going to some Haunted Houses. I love Summer, but Fall/Halloween is my 2nd favorite season of the year. 

We only have a couple more weeks until the BB21 Finale, and with an excellent Final 5, it should make for a great ending to this season!! 

Cheers, darlings!

Stay tuned...
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Monday: Veto Comp Spoiler

Happy Monday, BB fans! The Veto Comp was on Saturday and when the feeds came back on at 7pm BBT, we learned who won the veto...

Winner of the Veto is:


So now things get really interesting because Nicole has said that she will pull Cliff off the block today during the Veto Ceremony, which means that Jackson has to put up the only houseguest left to nominate; Holly. To make things even more interesting, it looks like Holly could be leaving this week! To have Holly leave on Jackson's HOH is hilarious and even Jackson said it's ironic that she could leave during his HOH reign.

Last night at 2:05am BBT, Nicole talked to us feedsters and said that she's trying to keep Tommy (and evict Holly) this week, and hopes that Cliff is on board with the idea.

She knows that Jackson/Holly would take each other to Final 2 and they're the last duo that needs to be split up. Nicole told Tommy that she's trying to save him this week. Tommy wants them 3 (Nicole/Cliff/Tommy) in Final 3. (Since Jackson is HOH and thus he can't compete this upcoming Thursday's HOH comp, it should be easy to get him out this week unless he wins the Veto.)

Jackson told Holly that it'd be a smart move for Nicole to take Holly out this week. I think he'd respect it as a game move if Nicole/Cliff do in fact vote Holly out this week. As far as Cliff goes, Nicole has talked to him about getting Holly out this week and said it seems like a good plan, but he didn't commit yet. Nicole said during her convo with us last night that Cliff seems "receptive" to the idea of getting rid of Holly, but it's only Monday so we'll see how he feels later during the week.

I'll update this post once the Veto Ceremony is done, but we definitely can expect Nicole to use it on Cliff and for Jackson to have to put up Holly as the renom.

Veto Ceremony Results:
Nicole took Cliff off the block
Holly is the replacement nom

I have to say, I am very happy with this Final 5! They all deserve be there for their own reasons. Tommy's social game is impeccable, Jackson is a comp beast, Nicole/Cliff are winning when they need to and making the right moves at the right times, and Holly has won comps as well as playing as a duo with Jackson. They've all fought to be there and despite if you like any of them personality wise, you can't deny their game play. Bravo!!

Stay tuned...

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