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Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday: HOH Comp + Noms Spoiler

Happy Friday, y'all!! Today, the houseguests had their HOH Comp. Typically on Friday's, we have the Nomination Ceremony (that should be later tonight) but because of the live double eviction last night, the HOH Comp got pushed to today.

Okie dokie, let's see who won HOH, shall we?!

Winner of the HOH Comp is: 


Ugh. So now we have yet another week of Jolly (Jackson/Holly) in the HOH room. Fun, fun.

This weeks target is Tommy and Tommy know he's going up, per a conversation with Jackson today. I'm not sure who the other nom is going to be, but my guess is that it'll be Cliff (and not Nicole). He's obviously not going to put up Holly, so that only leaves Cliff/Nicole left to be a pawn next to Tommy. Tomorrow is the Veto Comp and unless Tommy wins it, he's a goner.

Nominations just took place and....

Nominated for Eviction:

Tomorrow is the Veto Comp, which will determine how this week's going to go. If Tommy wins it, I can see Cliff going this week. (Jackson isn't going to get rid of Holly, and he has a soft spot for Nicole.)

Stay tuned...

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Unknown said...

CBS renewed Big Brother for next summer. I guess they figured it couldnt be any worse than this year.

A.J. said...

Ugh, this is the worst cast ever. Why do Cliff and Nicole think they have a chance in this game? The last how many weeks now have gone to Jolly! Just cut them a check already and end this travesty!

Sonja said...

I see people are tired of the predictability........if CBS was really smart they would put a 30-minute talk show on with a diverse group of people to discuss the highlights the lowlights in the future of the show on CBS access I would watch of course this should be after big brother goes off for however they do it after dark whatever they want to call it it's an audience for it but don't steal my

Terry said...

If Holly and Jackson go to finale I’m not watching. So much stupidity and bad moves in this game

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