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Monday, September 9, 2019

Monday: Veto Comp Spoiler

Happy Monday, BB fans! The Veto Comp was on Saturday and when the feeds came back on at 7pm BBT, we learned who won the veto...

Winner of the Veto is:


So now things get really interesting because Nicole has said that she will pull Cliff off the block today during the Veto Ceremony, which means that Jackson has to put up the only houseguest left to nominate; Holly. To make things even more interesting, it looks like Holly could be leaving this week! To have Holly leave on Jackson's HOH is hilarious and even Jackson said it's ironic that she could leave during his HOH reign.

Last night at 2:05am BBT, Nicole talked to us feedsters and said that she's trying to keep Tommy (and evict Holly) this week, and hopes that Cliff is on board with the idea.

She knows that Jackson/Holly would take each other to Final 2 and they're the last duo that needs to be split up. Nicole told Tommy that she's trying to save him this week. Tommy wants them 3 (Nicole/Cliff/Tommy) in Final 3. (Since Jackson is HOH and thus he can't compete this upcoming Thursday's HOH comp, it should be easy to get him out this week unless he wins the Veto.)

Jackson told Holly that it'd be a smart move for Nicole to take Holly out this week. I think he'd respect it as a game move if Nicole/Cliff do in fact vote Holly out this week. As far as Cliff goes, Nicole has talked to him about getting Holly out this week and said it seems like a good plan, but he didn't commit yet. Nicole said during her convo with us last night that Cliff seems "receptive" to the idea of getting rid of Holly, but it's only Monday so we'll see how he feels later during the week.

I'll update this post once the Veto Ceremony is done, but we definitely can expect Nicole to use it on Cliff and for Jackson to have to put up Holly as the renom.

Veto Ceremony Results:
Nicole took Cliff off the block
Holly is the replacement nom

I have to say, I am very happy with this Final 5! They all deserve be there for their own reasons. Tommy's social game is impeccable, Jackson is a comp beast, Nicole/Cliff are winning when they need to and making the right moves at the right times, and Holly has won comps as well as playing as a duo with Jackson. They've all fought to be there and despite if you like any of them personality wise, you can't deny their game play. Bravo!!

Stay tuned...

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Like seeing a bit of humility out of Holly. Because shes never seen the block before, she wasnt very sympathetic to other house guests who were. I think it's time for her to go. Looking forward to the POP TV video that shows the evicted houseguest (Holly) hopefully,and they say "you're booted". I love BB and have watched since season one. This season was difficult to stay connected to the players..hope next season is a bit more engaging...I really miss Julie Chen being on more.

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