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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday: Veto Comp Spoiler

Happy Sunday Funday, y'all!! Yesterday, the HG's had their Veto Comp. "But first", let's see who played in it:
Veto Players:

Veto Comp Winner:


Wow!! So Jessica is either getting really lucky lately, or she's been downplaying how good she actually is at this game. I'm still undecided, although I have said on Twitter that if she successfully gets out one of the Jack's this week, I'll officially take back everything I've said about her. lol (Sidenote: I'm still waiting until tomorrow's Veto Ceremony before I make that official, though.) Jessica is also the 1st HG this season to win both the HOH and Veto Comp in the same week. So congrats to her!

Okay, so the Veto Comp was a space/alien theme comp and it was a Prize/Punishment comp:
*Nick won $5,000
*Kat won a trip for 2 to Hawaii
*Tommy got a costume punishment
*Jackson got an Alien Doctor for 24 hours punishment
*Jack got an Angry Alien for 24 hrs punishment 

It's unclear what Jack/Jackson's punishments actually are, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Nick left the comp in rough shape due to severe motion sickness.The DR gave him some gum (medicated?) to help. It seems like Tommy threw the comp, although he tried to make himself look like a good guy by telling Kat that he gave up the Hawaii Trip to her as a way of mending fences with her for trying to flip the vote to evict her on Thursday. FYI, Kat's not buying it and mentioned that he must think she's stupid. (Kat is really growing on me lately. She's snarky and smart.)

If you're wondering what the plan is for this week, Jack is the target to be evicted this week. However, half the house thinks that Jackson's going. So if everything holds tight for the week, we'll have a blindside on Thursday when Julie reads the votes and Jack goes up and out.

In other news...
Christie's Whacktivity power is dead at this point, since Jessica won the Veto and won't be changing her noms. Speaking of changing noms, Nick is trying to get Jessica to take down Jackson and put up Christie.
This is to protect his floater game so that he doesn't have to show his cards to the other side of the house. Jess is onto this and said if he's not careful, she'd put him up. (It won't happen, but I'm just letting y'all know it was said.) Kat has also floated the idea to Jess to take Jackson down and put up Tommy, to ensure that Jack goes home. Jessica said she's not going to do that because it'd be unnecessary blood on her hands and it'd just piss off another person.

Nicole is onto Christie's game, as she mentioned yesterday that Christie runs around thinking the BB house is her house and threatens people to do what she wants them to do or else she'll threaten to ruin their game. (*Yep.) Nicole said it's a manipulative scare tactic and she sees right through it.

And last but not least, Nicole is fed up with Christie and Analyse and told Kat/Holly that they were making fun of Cliff and the way he runs (during the veto comp) and how she can't stand that.

So that's it for this post!! Today is Sunday Funday and we'll have a new BB episode tonight. Expect to see the HOH Comp and Jessica's nomination ceremony. Tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony, where Jessica is expected to cement her own noms by not using her veto. Have a great Sunday and have fun watching Tommy getting his punishment all day on the live feeds! lol ;)

PS A HUGE thank you to all that has donated to the blog and/or bought the feeds through the blog! I know this season is rough and it's not giving me much to blog about, so there's not much for me to report. I'm doing the best I can with the very little that I have. If it wasn't for y'alls support, I just would've sat this season out. So seriously...THANK YOU!!!!!! The good news is that it seems that the feeds are finally picking up!! If they continue to do so, I will blog wayyyy more often then!! :D This is my favorite show and I absolutely love blogging about it, so I'm really hoping it continues to pick up from here!


Razldazlrr said...

thanks Jamie - finally a little game play! maybe we will end up liking Jessica and Kat after all - I sure would like to see the other side go down one by one!
boooo - do you know how I can watch show live? still no cbs with directv!

lisagrudy said...

Thank you!!! I'm so glad it looks like this season is turning around!!

Unknown said...

Does Jackson look like Chuck Conners from the show The Rifleman? I say yes, wife says no.

Jared Meyer said...

The season might be saved after all.

Unknown said...

Serious problems with our educational system, sis graduated from college and has the mental acuity of a fifth grader, the girl doesn't even know the meaning of enamored, does she expect to go through life with a four letter vocabulary? Someone please buy her a thesaurus for Christmas.

Leroy Janecek said...

Can’t wait to see jack evicted!

Atlanta said...

Thank you Jaime! I’m w/you about Kat. I didn’t care for her b4. Now she is coming out of her shell. As for Jessica-thank goodness she is done trying to get w/the other side that didn’t give a flip about her! Maybe she was just trying to lay low but glad she is getting w/it and takes out one of those idiots-Jack & Jackson. It cannot come soon enough!

Atlanta said...

It’s entered

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