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Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday: Veto Ceremony Spoiler

Happy Monday, everybody! Today was the Veto Ceremony and...

Jessica did NOT use the Veto
Jack/Jackson remain on the block

Jessica held strong with her original noms and made sure to guarantee the departure of one of the Jacks this week. She finished what Cliff couldn't/wouldn't do during his HOH. While Jessica winning HOH and Veto makes her a "threat" in the game, I don't think she'll be in any immediate danger. There's a lot of other targets in the game that I think will be bigger fish to fry.

Jack is still the target this week and he kinda knows his game is dead in the water, so there won't be an awesome blindside this Thursday. *sigh* Oh well. Jack has a plan to offer Cliff 3 weeks of safety for his vote, but Cliff has already told others that he's voting Jack out. So that's that.

Speaking of Jack, he told Analyse that if he does stay, he's gunning hard for Christie. Nick also told Analyse that if he wins HOH next week, he wants Christie/Jackson out next, so it looks like Christie's game is in trouble.

In other news, Kat is "done" with Tommy. She asked Tommy today why was the #7 position in a 6 person alliance offered to herself/Nicole/Cliff. (*lol) Tommy stumbled for words.

Tommy: "I..don't know. That's..not me. I can't answer that.."

And last but not least...
The now-dead Six Shooters alliance held their own funeral today. Tommy felt it was his fault, Christie cried as usual, Analyse was about as involved in the conversation as a lamp, and Jack apologized sincerely to Jackson. Jack then told Jackson they're still friends and will go to Vegas together.

Later on, Kat called Jack out for the 6 of them meeting upstairs, as Jack said it was him apologizing to Jackson. Kat said the last meeting they had, people were saying lies about her that weren't true and she wasn't there to defend herself. (She's talking about when they had a meeting to evict her, so she's rightfully paranoid. lol)

And that's it for this post! I don't really see much changing between now and Thursday as far as the target for eviction night, but we do have Tommy still doing his veto comp punishment and Jackson might be getting his Alien Doctor punishment task tonight. Jack has already had visits from his Alien punishment. The feeds are off during those visits unfortunatley, but at 5:18am BBT this morning, the feeds came back on with Jack in the pool canoe (from one of his Alien visit tasks) and he was asking production how to get out of it. lol

Eventually he paddled over to the edge of the pool and crawled out.

Okay guys & gals, have a good night!!

Stay tuned...
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Itsme said...

Best week in the game!!! Way to go with the two JACKS on the block.

A.J. said...

I hate when floaters win HOH and put up a huge target. They act like they are the greatest player ever in BB history. Also, isn't the diamond veto supposed to make the holder of the diamond veto have the ability to change the noms for one or both seats? Or am I thinking of something else?

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