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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday: Veto Comp

Happy Saturday, everybody!! Today was the Veto Comp and earlier, we had the veto players picked. Everyone played in the Veto Comp except Holly. (Jackson/Christie/Jessica/Nicole/Cliff/Tommy).

The feeds came back on after nearly 6 hours and....

Winner of the Veto is:

As we know, Jessica is this weeks target, so this means that Jessica will get evicted come Thursday. Tommy said he'll take Christie off the block, and Cliff has already volunteered to be a pawn (prior to the veto comp), so we can expect him to be the renom on Monday at the Veto Ceremony.

Like mostly every week this season, this week is pretty much set in stone and we can expect nothing to change from here until Thursday.

Don't forget that this Thursday is a Double Eviction, so things will really shift into gear then. I'll be back Monday after the veto ceremony is over, and then on Thursday as usual to cover the live eviction and double eviction. Until then, have a great Labor Day Weekend!! (Y'all in Florida and near the east coast, stay safe during the hurricane!!)

Stay tuned...
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Matt said...

Jackson just had his and hollys fate sealed. She should've gone after Tommy and Christie at the same time.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much. All the channels here are preempting everthing due to the in Georgia..the storm is barely grazing us, the new people all seem sad that its not worse..its driving me crazy

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