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Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday: Nominations

Happy TGI-Friday, BB peeps! As we saw last night, Jackson is the HOH this week. It was unclear at first who he'd be targeting for eviction but last night and today we learned that Jackson is targeting...wait for it...Jessica. Yes, you read that right. Jessica is the target. I know, it makes no sense. He told Christie before noms that she's not the target. When Christie asked what would happen if Jessica wins the Veto, Jackson said he'd cross that bridge if/when he comes to it.

Today was the Nomination Ceremony and...

Nominated for Eviction is:

Jackson told Holly that his reasons for targeting Jessica is because she's "smart, performs well in comps, and is going after the guys". Jackson also told Cliff/Nicole that their Final 4 (with Holly included) is "solid", and that he's protecting them this week.

Tomorrow is the Veto Comp, and personally I'm pulling for a Jessica veto win just to shake things up. lol I'm all about #TeamFunFeeds! Check back tomorrow with the veto comp winner update. Until then, have a great night!!

Stay tuned...
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