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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wednesday: Live Eviction Spoiler

Good evening BB fam! So tonight's live eviction just ended and a lot happened, so let me break it down for y'all..

*"Camp Comeback" began tonight, which is a new twist. The first 4 evicted HG's won't be leaving the house, they will in their own room in the house (a crappy campground'ish theme with unconfrontable beds, bad decor, etc). The evicted HG's can mingle and socialize with other HG's, but they cannot play in comps or vote. Like I said on Twitter, it's basically a Battle Back that allows the HG's to watch the game so whichever HG wins a spot back in the game will know what's been happening.

*Ovi was evicted tonight. The vote was unanimous. (I'm really hoping we don't have a whole season where the house votes together every week again.)

*David re-entered the house and joined Ovi as HG's 1 and 2 of the 4 before they get a chance to get back in the game.

*The HOH Comp was played and...

The New HOH is:


..which means that Kemi will most likely be the target this week, since he has a seething rage of hate for her. So unless Kemi wins veto, she'll most likely be out the door this week. Also, the BB21 TV schedule is back to it's original days of Sunday's and then Weds/Thursday's at 9pm ET.

I'll be back tomrrow with a new post about what's going on. Until then, enjoy the feeds!

Stay tuned...
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Steve Robbins Art said...

Eff. Jack is an a-hole. He's already targeting (wait for it) THE REMAINING POCs in the house! And demanding no one talk to the Comeback POCs! This guy is the worst! He's going to be torn apart after the show is over!

Kevin said...

Nooooooooo not Jack!!!! My partner and I were watching that HoH comp and rooting so hard for Nicole or Jessica (when it was down to the last 4). Urgh. I can only hope he pisses off everyone so much that they DON'T vote out his target.

In other news this is the first "new twist" they've had in years that I actually think is really smart! Also, they can't lie to their face all week because the "evicted" houseguest could easily turn around the next week and blow up their game if they wanted to. I like it!

Thanks for the posts as always!

Emmy said...

I’m confused. Are they now calling Jackson “Michey” (Mickey)??? Did I miss how or when this was explained? Or was I just imagining them calling him that? LOL!

Molls said...

I thought Jackson and Jack wanted Ovi’s ‘power’ really bad and I’m disappointed he was evicted.
I think they could’ve flipped the vote when Katherine started spiraling down, unless time was against them.
And I’m with you, I hate it when the house votes as a block. When did that start? What about their individual games?
Thanks for your updates, I really appreciate your time and energy.
Mollie :)

Nicole said...

I believe that’s his last name

Lmo25 said...

Sorry I’m late to the game! I was out of town all last week for the holiday! Just got caught up on everything. Did anyone else hear Julie call someone “Beavis”? It was during the live eviction right after I think David came back in the house for Camp Comeback. Maybe I heard her wrong but that’s what it sounded like she said and I felt like she was referring to Jackson. Anyway I was laughing out loud and that’s hilarious if she really called him Beavis cause he really is!

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