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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tuesday: Afternoon Post

Hey BB fam! I just got done watching tonight's BB21 episode and man oh man, they really did a hack job on it. They made Christie seem like the crier of the cast (it's really Kat, though), they barely began touch on how awful Jack is (especially to Kemi)...despite it being all over the news media outlets like on and Jackson being a douchecanoe to the ladies in the house, too. (If you want an example, Jackson said he "took one for the team" by having sex with Kat, but then on tonight's episode he said he finds her very attractive. That dude has issues.)

Speaking of the ladies of the house, I'm not sure which one's worse: Analyse (aka "sis") for saying she's sick of "people talking game" and that she just "wants to sit and not think about anything", or Holly who is basically non-existent in the game and is only there to try to hookup with jackhole Jackson now. 

Anyway, it was really nice to see BB20 Winner Kaycee on the show tonight! She hosted the Veto Comp. She also showed off her BB tattoo (it includes her HOH's and veto wins):

Moving on..

There's been very little game talk in the past 24 hours. Well, game talk that actually means anything. There was a very brief moment today where it looked like Ovi might be saved and Kat would go out the door tomorrow night, but nope..that plan stalled out as quickly as it was starting to form. So it looks like Ovi will still be the houseguest to get the boot tomorrow night on the live eviction show.

I reallllly wish I had more to report, but sadly this is it. I'm hoping things get shook up a bit once a new HOH is crowned tomorrow night, maybe it'll light a fire under some of these Love Island rejects and kick them into BB mode. So unless something happens (like the plans for eviction changing), I'll be back tomorrow night to blog the episode spoilers. Have a great Tuesday night, y'all!!

Stay tuned...
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Htown said...

This was a good point from Eddie Lin of Big Brother Canada on Ovi.

(1/2)In Ovi's defense, his naiveté in the game and failure to see the problematic side of Jack and his son may be in part due to him being fresh out of the university bubble as a student president. I assume the frat guys he met in his college were progressive and accepting

2/2)of who he is, at least on the surface, and he didn't realize that out of that bubble, most alpha bros wouldn't befriend a guy who looks like him. I was also heavily involved in student government in my uni years and folks I met were all very liberal, and that gave me a false

(3/3)hope that everyone was like that, and I was in a rude awakening when I got into the society. I hope when Ovi got out, he could learn from this experience. On another note, I am so proud of Kemi for seeing thru Jack/sons and I hope she could pull it thru tonite and make moves

Shoba said...

I really hope Ovi stay! Long shot I know but I like him

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