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Friday, July 5, 2019

Friday: Overnighter + Afternoon Post

Happy TGI-Friday!! I've been off the blog for the 4th of July and today because the feeds have been full of negativity, to a point where it's affecting my mood if I watch them for too long. Anyway, let me catch us up on everything.

Overnighter/Afternoon Post Update:
*Jack is HOH
*today is the Nomination Ceremony
*The Nomination Ceremony was held and...

Nominated for Eviction is:

(This weeks target is Kemi)

*today was the Whackativity Comp. Sam said he came close to winning, as Jackson told Jack he didn't win it. The comp involved snakes. HG's playing in today's Whacktivity Comp was Holly/Jackson/Jack/Sam/Tommy.

Jackson got yelled at by production yesterday (July 4th) and was seen crying in the Storage Room (2:22pm BBT).

He then told Jack (2:25pm BBT) that he can't talk about his talk with production because us feedsters will "go back and look".

What he's referring to, is yesterday (July 4th) at 11:24am BBT on Cameras 1 and 2. There's some debate on Twitter about what he actually said, but it sounds like he (Jackson) and/or Jack used a racial slur when speaking about David.
What is clear, though, is that Jackson was talking about how he's going to drive David crazy and Jack said that he (David) "won't last long".

In other news...

*Bella is this seasons rat. She told Jack today that Jessica started the all girls alliance.
*Holly is the possibly the most useless houseguest I've ever seen on the feeds (she literally spends hours on her makeup).
*Nicole is the most likable out of this whole cast, as she was seen sticking up for Ovi a couple of times and not engaging in any of the negative stuff in the house.
*I'm not sure where I stand with Nick, as I haven't been able to stomach the feeds for too long.
*Kemi is still a well-liked houseguest, though I am a little disappointed that she told Jack "regardless if she goes up or not" todayshe'll keep him safe next week and she truly plans to honor that. While I can respect her loyalty to her word, this is Big Brother and this is also the dude that's been trashing her hourly for a week now. *sigh*

Well, I guess that's it for this post! I'll make a post tomorrow night, so go out and enjoy your Saturday. You won't be missing anything most likely. lol Have a good Friday night, y'all!!

Stay tuned...
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Shoba said...

Do you think they will show any of the actual drama this year?

Razldazlrr said...

I'm back! Hi Jamie - I wondered what happened when I didn't see a new post. Some of these people are really awful - the true mean girls and boys from high school. I wonder how much of this they will show on the program.
I do usually love the first few weeks when there are no past players and people start showing their true personalities. In this case - some of those personalities suck!

Jamie said...

There hasn't been any real drama yet but I'm hoping cbs shows them being their true disgusting selves.

Jamie said...

Raz!! Hey hey! Yea it's an awful bunch this year. So far they haven't shown any of it on the show and I don't understand why. Hoping they do.

MurphSAN84 said...

I don't think I'm going to make it through this season. The fact there's just no ramifications for racism or misogynistic behavior just turns me off. It's sickening.

Steph said...

I just can’t stomach watching this season anymore. I cannot do it! These people are getting away with way too much. I wait all year for this show and it’s ruined by racist bullies who are controlling people.

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