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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday: Veto Comp Spoiler + Update

Happy Sunday Funday, BB fans!! So just to catch everyone up to speed, yesterday was the Veto Comp and..

Winner of he Veto is:


He also won a trip to Fiji, which plays into the whole 'Love Island' show that CBS has been promoting. Jackson hurt his ankle a little bit during the comp, but seems to be doing okay now. By the way, this is the 2nd Veto win for Sam and he's quickly painting a target on his back by being a good competitor. I'm not sure why he would even go after Veto this week, as it doesn't really affect his game in a positive way, but negatively impacts his game by showing the HG's that he's good at comps. He doesn't even plan on using the veto, which just further solidifies my point, which is..why?! lol

Kemi is still the one to expect to get evicted on Thursday night, even though Nick/Bella/Sam want Jess gone. Jack is really pushing for the house majority to be the reason Kemi goes this week, and not because of him saying so. (*This is only so that he doesn't look bad for TV viewers, I'm sure.). But Jack/Jackson already have the next 2 weeks planned out on who they want to see get evicted: Jessica is slated to get evicted next week, with Bella going the following week (for being 'the head of the snake' of the failed girls alliance). I'm hoping the Gr8ful alliance doesn't continue to dominate the game all season long.

Oh, and if you're confused on who's in an alliance, here is the newest alliance chart made by the always fantastic @89razorskate20:
This alliance chart doesn't have yet another new alliance that formed yesterday: Ovi/Cliff/Nicole made an alliance (no name that I saw, but Nicole suggested maybe 'Underdogs' as their alliance name). It's odd that a man (Ovi) that isn't even playing the game, would be in a new alliance, but I will say that I'm glad that Ovi is still trying to set up his game if he wins his chance to come back (especially since the Jacks told the house to not talk game with David or Ovi).

Moving on...

Seems like BB21 is becoming an in-a-house version of Whore..err..Love Island, as Jack At 11:47pm BBT, Jack/Analyse got hot and heavy under the covers in the HOH room.

And then we had Nick/Bella at 2:33am BBT on Cam 2 getting busy under the covers.

And in other news (in case you haven't heard yet)...
There was an earthquake in the BB house on Friday at 8:30pm BBT.
Of course everyone is okay and no damage was done.

So that's it for this post! Nothing really exciting going on still as Jack/Jackson are still running the house, Sam's still winning the Veto's, and Kemi is still the target. Ho-hum. Have a great Sunday Funday and I'll be back tomorrow with a shiny new post!

Stay tuned...
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KMA said...

Hi Jamie! I have been reading your blog for YEARS. I decided to skip season 20 but am back for this season and glad to see you are still blogging. 🙂

Anyway, I am so disappointed to see that it seems like the same awful negative characteristics in a new group of houseguest. Watching the feeds really is draining. I just don’t understand how casting keeps bringing in so much negativity season after season.

Jamie said...

Hey KMA! Welcome back!! Yea, this year is way draining.

Unknown said...

It seems the theme of this season will be get all of the non-whites out first. I hope they rethink casting going forward.

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