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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tuesday: Veto Ceremony + Update

Happy Tuesday, everybody! I've been down and out with a cold the past 2 days (there's a gnarly cold going around, so stock up on your vitamins!) Anyway, as I was gathering up what's been happening the past couple of days, I noticed that..once again...not much has changed. This week has been the most boring week in BB history. Period. I'm definitely looking forward to Thursday's live eviction and a new HOH.

Yesterday was the Veto Ceremony and...

Sam did NOT use the Veto

This leaves Kemi vs Jessica on the block, with Kemi still the one slated to go on Thursday night and become the 3rd member of Camp Comeback, alongside Ovi and David.

RatBella (which is a nickname that BB twitter fans gave her) did a lot of damage to her own game. She told Jackson that Kemi said if she won HOH, she wouldn't nominate Jack, but couldn't promise the same for Jackson. As the same time this convo happens, Kemi notices that Bella has been talking to Jackson for sometime in the lounge room. There's a lot of he said/she said crap that I just don't have the energy to sort through. Just know that Bella's a rat and the house has caught on, including Kemi, and that Kemi has an eviction speech planned to do more damage to Bella's game. Kemi said it won't be as epic as Brett's (BB20) eviction speech, but it'll be something close to it.

In other news...
After Jack and Anallice had sex, he now wants to "break up with her" and is now focused on Christie...who is a lesbian. I can't make this stuff up. Oh, and he cried to Christie because he had a dream (while laying next to Analyse) that his ex girlfriend wouldn't talk to him. Speaking of Analyse, she's not on birth control and her/Jack didn't use a condom (even though BB provides tons of condoms and dental dams for the HG's).

This morning during Cliff's daily morning talks known as "Cliff Notes" with us feedsters (9:50am BBT), Christie was seen with her ear pressed against the lounge door and heard a lot of what Cliff said.

A good player would've stored the info in their back pocket, but not Christie. She went and told Jackson/Holly/Tommy and then eventually Nick/Bella/Sam/Jack. Christie then told Tommy that they should make up a lie saying that Nicole told Christie all the info she overheard from Cliff, in an effort to have Cliff go against Nicole.

And in 'This Gives Me Hope' news...
Holly/Analyse talked today (3:59pm BBT) and noticed that they're always out of the loop with Jack, but Christie is always included. (There's also been some weirdness because Analyse knows that Jack has the hots for Christie).

Holly said that Jack/Christie think they're running the house. They agreed to not make waves right now, but they're just 'act like furniture' when around them and then do something about it later in the game. Hey, at least they're talking game! I'll take it!! lol Also today, Nicole said she "doesn't get mad, she gets even", so I'm looking forward to her gameplay later in the game as well when (as she said) "there's a score to even". Feisty and I love it!

The HG's are currently on indoor lockdown as BB builds the comp set in the backyard for Thursday night's live show. I'm hoping it's a bit of a pressure cooker for the HG's and we finally have some drama pop off.

I'll be back with a new post whenever there's something to report. As always, you can follow me on Twitter (I'm always on there) if you wanna stay in the loop in the meantime. Let's hope this game gets some momentum so we can have a decent season!

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

I noticed on the show last night they aren't showing any of the bad stuff - they made the evil Jackson look like he's a nice guy!

Clay said...

Why isn't this updated everyday like it always has been in the past?

Jamie said...

Clay, this season is beyond horrible. There's simply no game play. Every blogger out there is having one hell of a time finding something to write about and the things that have been talked about, I've already covered more than once. You can blame the Love Island rejects casting and Jack/Jackson/Christie running the house for that.

As soon as they start actually playing, I'll start blogging more than once a day like normal. Until then, I'm enjoying my summer for the first time in 10 yrs since I started blogging lol And I encourage y'all to do the same and check in once in awhile until things pick up. I'll be here all summer, I'm not going anywhere. :) How often I'm here, depends on the HG's. Unless you want me to blog about my dogs?! haha

Jamie said...

Raz, I know! It's so freaking absurd. One gal on Twitter actually called Kemi a "psychopath"..feedsters had to correct her real quick on that lol I have no idea why they're portraying them in the light that they are right now.

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